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How Big Was This Week’s Snowstorm?

Click for full-screen size. And there’s another NOAA photo here.


Stuck In Snow: ‘We’re All Gonna Die!’

At the height of this week’s snow storm, hundreds of people in at least 1,500 vehicles were trapped on Chicago’s most famous stretch of road for as long as 12 hours Tuesday night and Wednesday morning…

“The bus driver kept yelling,’ We are all gonna die,'” said Ron Nelson, a 51-year-old salesman who was on a bus bound for a northern neighborhood where he lives. It wasn’t clear if the driver was joking and “nobody thought it was funny,” Nelson said at a hospital, where he was taken.

For a sense of the massiveness of this year’s snowstorm, take a look at this NOAA satellite photo here.

Complete article via Associated Press


Snow-Shovel Death And How To Avoid It

“‘Would it kill you to shovel the front walk?’ A monster snowstorm raging from New Mexico to Maine raises this question afresh. Typically it’s posed by a woman standing with hands on hips and assuming a Thurberesque mien as she gazes down on a man exercising his thumb on the remote but otherwise in repose. The correct answer: ‘It might’…”

Complete article via Slate


Weather-Related Power Outage…

The entire state of Texas, running low on energy, is experiencing a rolling power outage – 20 minutes of power on, followed by 40 minutes of power off. Media reports indicate that the conservation plan may continue for up to 48 hours.

And now my phone is starting to run low on power, too! While there’s still light, it’s a great time to read a book.
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21:28 GMT UPDATE: Power just restored…new posts shortly.

How big is this snowstorm? Click the pic to see it full-screen (there is another NOAA photograph of the storm here):


Historic Storm Ahead? (Part II)

Here’s the current map…


Historic Storm Ahead?

Use of the phrases “massive in scale” and “winter storm” in the same sentence is a primary reason I no longer live in New York. Enjoy your snow day(s), kiddies.

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