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Analyst: Saudi Arabia Is Not Immune – Regime Will Collapse Also, And Fast

Fadel Gheit, a managing director at Oppenheimer & Co., explains why he believes that Saudi Arabia is not immune from the revolutionary forces sweeping the Arab world and points to rumors of a “massive demonstration in in major cities of Saudi Arabia” on March 11th.

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Libya’s Systematic Torture Revealed

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Muammar Gaddafi – Zenga-Zenga Remix

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Libya, Feb. 25: The Noose Tightens

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BBC’s Map of Military Bases (click to enlarge)

UPDATE 23:28 GMT: CNN’s Ben Wedeman via Twitter: “Libyan State TV running what looks like a Qaddafi fashion show set to bad music. #Libya”

UPDATE 22:51 GMT: Which A-listers have been partying with the Gaddafi family over the years? If you guessed Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Usher, you’re less then half-right because you left out Jon Bon Jovi, Lindsay Lohan, supermodels Miranda Kerr and Victoria Silvestedt and BET Founder Robert Johnson. The full story is in this post here.

UPDATE 22:45 GMT: AFP is now reporting that the Libyan ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Shalgham, has defected.

UPDATE 22:27 GMT: The Guardian is reporting that UK officials have told Gaddafi loyalists to defect or face war crimes.

UPDATE 22:18 GMT: Associated Press has a witness providing a first-hand account of today’s violence in Tripoli: “In the first wave of fire, seven people within 10 meters of me were killed. Many people were shot in the head…it was really like we are dogs.”

UPDATE 21:28 GMT: Reuters just reported Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, as saying he’s been holding the army back; hopes for peaceful settlement “by tomorrow”

UPDATE 21:22 GMT: Rebel groups are reporting that Gaddafi forces in Tripoli are firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters [Ed. Note: By recent standards, rubber bullets and tear gas is a humanitarian improvement.]

UPDATE 21:18 GMT: Libya’s ambassador to the UN, Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham just addressed the UN Security Council. He called for sanctions against the Gaddafi family and their supporters, saying that effective action must be taken to stop Gaddafi, his sons and their supporters.

Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgham, Libyan UN Ambassador

UPDATE 20:06 GMT: Reuters lists highlights from statement released by White House:
*US has decided to move forward with unilateral sanctions against Libya.
*US banks were advised to take steps to monitor financial transactions related to Libya.
*US has suspended limited military cooperation with Libya
*US sales of military parts to Libya have been frozen
*Obama to meet on Monday with U.N. Secretary General Ban about Libya
*U.S. uses full extent of intelligence to monitor Gaddafi regime
*US prepared to take more action against Libya if necessary

UPDATE 19:35 GMT: AFP reporting the US closing its embassy in Tripoli.

UPDATE 19:16 GMT: Important new article, A Guide To Libya’s Tribes, has just been posted here.

UPDATE 19:14 GMT: Libya’s satellite channel al-Libiyah reports Saif al-Islam will hold a news conference “in a few moments.”

UPDATE 19:11 GMT: State TV reports the regime is in talks with “the misguided youth,” who “have been handing over their weapons and joining the mass marches alongside the brother and leader of the revolution.”

Sounds of gunfire rattle residents of Tripoli
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UPDATE 17:44 GMT: The Washington Post’s description of the post-prayer attack on worshipers in Tripoli today: “Security forces opened fire on anti-government demonstrators streaming out of mosques after Friday prayers, resulting in multiple casualties, news agencies reported. Details were sketchy, but Arabic-language television networks said that between two and seven people had been killed.”

UPDATE 17:41 GMT: More on yesterday’s defection of the Gaddafi “cousin,” Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, from the Wall Street Journal: The departure…could constitute a particularly stinging blow. “Al-Dam is in many respects closer to Gaddafi than his sons are,” said Tim Niblock, professor of Middle East politics at Exeter University. “He is actually Gaddafi’s cousin, but is more like his brother because Gaddafi lived with them for a significant part of his youth. If he has now made a statement against Gaddafi, then it is very close to the end.”

UPDATE 17:32 GMT: Reuters is citing a witness saying the road from Tripoli’s military airport to the city center is lined with police and soldiers as cars are being searched.

Gaddafi Addressing Tripoli Crowd (via Al Jazeera English)
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UPDATE 17:09 GMT: Gaddafi: “I am amidst the masses, I am in Tripoli, in Green Square. Here are the youth, the sons and grandchildren of the jihad battles, whose fathers destroyed the Italian empire.”

UPDATE 17:07 GMT: Gaddafi: “This is the people that brought Italy to its knees… Sing, dance, and prepare. I am amid the masses, and we shall fight, and we shall defeat them.”

UPDATE 16:57 GMT: Gaddafi: “We will fight if they want.”

UPDATE 16:55 GMT: Libyan state television is showing Muammar Gaddafi addressing a pro-Gaddafi crowd in central Tripoli.


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Libya: Rebels Begin To Squeeze Tripoli

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February 23, 2011: Areas of Conflict (click to enlarge)

Wikipedia entries for Libya’s historic periods. The total absence of any experience in self government is notable.

UPDATE 22:38 GMT: Al Jazeera has reported that tribes in the Azzintan and Nalut areas in west Libya have come out against Gaddafi with oil facilities in the area now “under their protection.”

UPDATE 22:20 GMT: In fairness to Obama, the EU states and everyone else, this is not our fight or the fight of anyone else. This is for the Libyans to sort out amongst themselves. Especially when it is so unclear – or unknown, as mentioned earlier – what each of the factions want, the sad but essential reality is that the governments of the world have an obligation to 1. evacuate their own citizens and 2. provide refugee and humanitarian assistance where it is safe to do so.

UPDATE 22:11 GMT: Obama on TV: “Doing everything we can to protect our American citizens.” “Condemn violence…violence must stop.” “Support universal rights of Libyan people.” “Libya has a responsibility to allow humanitarian assistance to reach its people.” Blah, blah, blah…ordered diplomats to talk some more and then hold a press conference to talk about what they talked about…blah, blah, blah. His instincts clearly pull him to be as insistent on human rights as Jimmy Carter was but US history, unfortunately, waves a big caution flag for modern presidents who want to follow their heart.

UPDATE 22:06 GMT: Associated Press: “The scope of Muammar Gaddafi’s control in Libya was whittled away Wednesday as major cities and towns closer to the capital fell to the rebellion against his rule. In Libya’s east, now all but broken away, the opposition vowed to ‘liberate’ Tripoli, where the Libyan leader is holed up with a force of militiamen roaming the streets.”


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Gaddafi Speaks: “I Will Not Leave Libya – I Will Be A Martyr”

[Ed. Note: More recent updates, from earliest to most recent, are here, here and here.

Previous updates, from earliest to most recent, are here, here, here, here, here and here.

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New video of an undated street battle in Benghazi.
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UPDATE 22:56 GMT: Just added a portion from today’s New York Times that draws on numerous previously published reports to piece together some of the connections between Gaddafi’s money and Italy – and the close ties between Gaddafi and Berlusconi. You can find the post and link to the full article here.

UPDATE 22:43 GMT: BBC just re-quoted an unidentified person’s quote that “reports on Libyan TV – pro-Gaddafi supporters entered hospitals, rounded the wounded and killed them in an unspecified location. Where is their help?! Who is out there defending these people??”[Ed. Note: Without discounting the possible veracity – and not that anyone covering this hasn’t jumped the gun (uh…battleships bombing Benghazi – guilty here), that’s as unconfirmed as unconfirmed can be for the BBC.]

UPDATE 22:37 GMT: A lot of tweets questioning the validity of the confirmed report (it came from Reuters) of loyalists being sent to Sabratha.

UPDATE 22:15 GMT: Fighting in Tripoli’s Sarman district was confirmed earlier.

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Quake Hits Christchurch, NZ – Kills 65

[Ed. Note: As of March 1, at the 2:51 PM ringing of the bells to mark the one-week point since the Christchurch Quake, confirmed dead is 154 people, with police expecting the final toll to reach “around 240,” according to the New Zealand Herald.]

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that in the country’s second largest city, Christchurch, residents say bodies lying in the streets following this afternoon’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake.

Police said fatalities had been reported at several locations and that two buses had been crushed by falling buildings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

”The death toll I have at the moment is 65 and that may rise. So it’s an absolute tragedy for this city, for New Zealand, for the people that we care so much about,” said New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. ”It’s a terrifying time for the people of Canterbury.”

He said: “We may be witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day.”

It is believed that at least 200 people are trapped under rubble, Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said.

Mayor Parker has declared a state of emergency and described the city of almost 400,000 people as a war zone.

Local TV showed bodies being pulled out of rubble strewn around the city center, though it was unclear whether any of them were alive. But police reported multiple fatalities after the 6.3 magnitude quake struck during the busy lunchtime.

Emergency crews picked through the rubble, including a multi-story office building whose floors appeared to have pancaked on top of each other.

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Gaddafi Launches Airstrikes On Protesters

Gaddafi Says He’s In Tripoli, Little Else

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Previous updates, from earliest to most recent, are here, here, here, here and here.

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UPDATE 01:03 GMT: Here’s a screen image pulled from Libyan state TV:

UPDATE 00:53 GMT: It’s been mentioned by a few people that Gaddafi could be on his way to do an actual interview. If so, perhaps there will be cameras for the arrival, à la “Red Carpet” style.

UPDATE 00:49 GMT: Some Twitter responses to Gaddafi’s “speech:”


At least he kept his statement short enough to tweet. – from @acarvin

By the way, now that this has put Libya firmly on the map, I hope this is the last time someone says – “oooo your from Liberia??” – from @libyansrevolt

UPDATE 00:31 GMT: Full text of Gaddafi’s “address to the nation,” via BBC Monitoring: “I am satisfied, because I was speaking in front of the youth in the Green Square tonight, but the rain came praise to God it bears well. I want to clarify for them that I am in Tripoli not in Venezuela. Do not believe these channels they are dogs. Goodbye.”

UPDATE 00:31 GMT: So we went from “an address to the nation” to “a speech” to “an interview” to, ultimately, a soundbite as the long-time Libyan strongman gets in his car. Nice to know he holds his own umbrella, though. That was a nice “man-of-the-people” touch.

UPDATE 00:26 GMT: From Associated Press: Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has appeared for less than a minute on state television and made brief remarks to say he was in the capital Tripoli and deny rumors he had to fled to Venezuela amid the unrest sweeping his country. Gaddafi was seated in the passenger seat of a car holding an umbrella up through the open door. It has been raining in the capital for two days. His remarks were aired about 2 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

UPDATE 00:19 GMT: Gaddafi appeared briefly on state TV – says he is in Tripoli, not Venezuela. Will update.


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Gaddafi Jr: Criminals, Druggies, Drunks Bringing Civil War, Poverty, Colonialism

Benghazi Falls, Heavy Gunfire In Tripoli

220 Dead, Could Top 500

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Previous updates, from earliest to most recent, are here, here, here and here.

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UPDATE 00:02 GMT: Still trying to figure out which speech was stranger – Saif Gaddafi’s or Hosni Mubarak’s.

UPDATE 23:57 GMT: Fresh reports of gunfire coming from Tripoli.

UPDATE 23:51 GMT: Al Arabiya is reporting that “the Egyptian news service MENA is reporting” Muammar al-Gaddafi has left Libya and is on his way to Venezuela. Don’t know what it’s worth. The son, Saif, never said the Gaddafi family was staying.

UPDATE 23:41 GMT: Gathering reaction now. Would love to read your comments.

UPDATE 23:39 GMT: A rambling speech.

UPDATE 23:31 GMT: An opposition leader just tweeted: “Mubarak tried this, and he left the next day, you are bringing a day of rage tomorrow”

UPDATE 23:28 GMT: “Europeans and Americans will come back forcefully” – they won’t accept an Islamic emirate. “They will come and occupy you by force.”

UPDATE 23:26 GMT: “If we agree on this step tomorrow, we can spare the blood…or prepare to go to civil war.”


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Fighting Intensifies, 180+ Dead In Libya

[Ed. Note: This post has been continued and updated, from earliest to most recent, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Previous updates, from earliest to most recent, are here, here and here.

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Violence escalated today as opposition groups battled Gaddafi loyalists and Libyan police and military for the sixth day.

UPDATE 23:56 GMT: The UK’s Independent is reporting that as many as 200 people were killed in today’s fighting in Libya.

UPDATE 19:16 GMT: Associated Press adds details to the 18:32 Al Jazeera update: Snipers fired on thousands of people gathered in Benghazi…a hospital official said one man was hit in the head with an anti-aircraft missile. The weapons apparently were used to intimidate the population.

UPDATE 18:32 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting witnesses telling it that Libyan forces have opened fire at a funeral for protesters killed in Benghazi, killing 15

UPDATE 17:55 GMT: Cannot be confirmed, but…via Twitter, @LibyanYouthMovement: now confirmed GADDAFIs Nephew now DEAD in birka barracks, will be on the news shortly

UPDATE 17:40 GMT: An underground Libyan Internet Radio Station is claiming 55 people have just been killed in Benghazi in a mortar attack. The station also stated that Benghazi’s Al Jala Hospital currently has 200 dead in its morgue.

UPDATE 16:34 GMT: Website (some English translations are being posted) has posted an audio recording from a Tripoli resident saying prisoners have escaped from prison after a riot.


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Judge Found Guilty In ‘Kids-For-Cash’

A federal jury in Pennsylvania on Friday found former Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. guilty in the infamous “kids-for-cash scheme,” in which he and another judge received kickbacks of up to $2.8 million for putting juveniles into detention centers owned by friends.

Children as young as 10 were jailed and at least one killed himself as a result of harsh sentences that ruined their lives. A child’s guilt or innocence rarely, if ever, was considered by the judges.

Ciavarella left the bench in disgrace two years ago after the allegations came to light and is expected to be jailed for at least 13 years. But instead of being caged immediately he was allowed to walk out of court – right into a barrage of abuse from the mother of an all-star wrestler who committed suicide after he sent him to jail. Edward Kenzakoski, 17 was never the same after being jailed for a first-time minor drug offense, his mother Sandy Fonzo raged.

“Do you remember my son? Do you remember my son? He was an all-star wrestler and he’s gone,” she screamed. “He shot himself in the heart. You scumbag, you ruined my fucking life.” Fonzo continued yelling as she was moved away, “I’d like him to go to hell and rot there forever.”

Following the verdict, Assistant US Attorney Gordon Zubrod said the court system during the time of Ciavarella and the other judge, Michael Conahan, was a “criminal enterprise.”

In 2009, both judges were offered plea agreements that would have resulted in 87 months in prison but those offers were nullified by US District Judge Edwin Kosik, who deemed them insufficient. Kosik presided over the Ciavarella case.

More than 70 juveniles and their families have filed a class-action lawsuit against the two former judges claiming they “used kids as commodities that could be traded for cash.”

The judges did little to hide their activities. Detention centers were notified of the number of incoming juveniles to expect each day – prior to the juvenile hearings to determine guilt or innocence. Records showed that the average length of a juvenile hearing in their courtrooms was under two minutes per juvenile.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has thrown out thousands of juvenile convictions issued by Ciavarella, saying he disregarded the constitutional rights of the defendants.

In the video below, Sandy Fonzo, whose son committed suicide, screams at former judge Mark Ciavarella after he’s found guilty in the “kids-for-cash” scheme (profanity).
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Bahrain: Army Fired At Mourners, Media – Live Fire From Street Level & Helicopter

UPDATE 19:56 GMT: Associated Press says some doctors and medics on emergency medical teams were in tears as they tended to the wounded. X-rays showed bullets still lodged inside victims.

UPDATE 18:59 GMT: Video added…caution: graphic scenes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

UPDATE 17:46 GMT: Associated Press now reports that the injured in Bahrain total at least 50 persons.

UPDATE 16:37 GMT: Associated Press’s Hadeel Al-Shalchi via Twitter: Hundreds at the Salmaniyah hospital chanting anti-monarchy slogans

UPDATE 16:31 GMT: BBC adds details: Witnesses said the army fired weaponry and tear gas, and hospital officials said at least 25 people had been hurt.

UPDATE 16:18 GMT: BBC now also reporting that Bahraini security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters, citing witnesses.

UPDATE 16:10 GMT: New York Times, expanding on their earlier report: Government forces opened fire on hundreds of mourners marching toward Pearl Square, sending people running away in panic amid the boom of concussion grenades. But even as the people fled, at least one helicopter was spraying fire on them and a witness reported seeing mourners crumpling to the ground.

A witness said the shooters were military, not police, which might indicate a hardening of the government’s stance against those trying to stage a popular revolt.

It was not immediately clear if all the forces were using live ammunition or rubber bullets to fire at the crowd, mostly young men who had been part of a funeral procession for protesters killed in an earlier crackdown by police.

Minutes later, forces in a helicopter that had been shooting at the crowds, stopped to fire at a Western reporter and videographer who were shooting footage on the latest violence.

At least seven people had died in clampdowns before today’s violence and a Western official said at least one had died today. There were reports of at least 50 injured.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Smuggled Video/Pics Of Libyan Protests

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It is extremely difficult to get any information on events in Libya.

The videos and photos below are believed reliable and current but cannot be verified for time or place. If you have reason to believe a photo or video is NOT from Libya during the past few days, please send an email and these photos will be removed. Your help is appreciated.

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Video Shows Harsh Libyan Crackdown

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Human Rights Watch is reporting that at least 24 people have died in the protests against Muammar al-Qaddafi’s 41-year rule of Libya. Demonstrations are continuing today.

New video from Libya (WARNING: Graphic images):

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Riots In Yemen, At Least 3 More Dead

Tens of thousands of Yemenis are taking part in anti-government demonstrations across the country, with pro-government supporters also rallying in several cities.

Three people have been killed in the demonstrations with one of the deaths taking place after a hand grenade was thrown at anti-government protesters in the city of Taiz on Friday.

Riots also flared overnight in the southern port city of Aden with protesters setting fire to a local government building and security forces killing one demonstrator, local officials said. Seventeen people were also confirmed to have been injured in those clashes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Protesters across the country are calling for president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down after 32 years in power, in a movement that has now entered its eighth day in Yemen.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out in the cities of Sanaa, Taiz and Aden for a ‘Friday of Fury,’ as it was termed by protest organizers.

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Doctors Discover Knife In Man’s Brain – Had Been There 4 Years!

A man who went to the doctor complaining of a headache was shocked to discover that a 4-inch knife blade had been stuck in his brain for over four years.

Li Fu from Yunnan Province, China, was stabbed during a robbery in 2006. Doctors who treated him failed to notice the knife buried deep in the 37-year-old’s skull.

Incredibly, it wasn’t until Li visited the doctor last month to complain of continuous migraines that doctors finally made the grim discovery after a routine X-ray.

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Gov’t Assault Kills At Least 6 In Bahrain

The Bahrain capital of Manama was rocked by sporadic clashes, hours after riot police attacked a makeshift encampment of pro-reform protesters in the centre of the city, killing at least six and injuring dozens of others.

An Al Jazeera correspondent said that “clashes were no longer limited to one place…they are now spread out in different parts of the city.” He said that the hospitals are full of injured people after last night’s police raid on the pro-reform demonstrators.

“Some of them are severely injured with gunshots. Patients include doctors and emergency personnel who were overrun by the police while trying to attend to the wounded.”

Another Al Jazeera online producer said that booms could be heard from different parts of the city, suggesting that “tear-gas is being used to disperse the protesters in several neighbourhoods”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Latest reports, however, indicated that a tense calm had descended on the capital with troops patroling the streets. There were also reports of dozens of armoured vehicles moving towards the Pearl Roundabout, the protest site that was raided by the riot police.

Heavily-armed police stormed the traffic circle while the protesters camping overnight were asleep.

Nazea Saeed, a journalist with Radio Monte Carlo, said hundreds of people had gathered at the hospital chanting “Down with Al-Khalifa,” in reference to the country’s ruling family.

“People were attacked while they were sleeping. There was no warning,” Saeed said. “And when they ran, the police attacked them from the direction they fled to.”

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Unrest Spreads: Protests Flare In Libya

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The BBC is reporting that “hundreds” of people clashed with police and pro-government supporters in the Libyan city of Benghazi, amid ongoing unrest in the region.

Demonstrators chanting slogans against the “corrupt rulers of the country” were attacked by police firing tear gas who violently dispersed the protesters, according to Al Jazeera sources. An online edition of a privately-published Libyan newspaper said that 13 people were injured.

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