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US To Begin Airlifting Libya’s Refugees

US President Barack Obama today ordered military airlifts to transport refugees, mostly from Egypt, who have massed across the Libyan border in Tunisia. The president also ordered the US Agency for International Development to charter civilian planes to transport refugees from several countries.

“There is a danger of a stalemate that over time could be bloody,” Obama said today. “And that is something that we’re obviously considering. So what I want to make sure of is, is that the United States has full capacity to act – potentially rapidly – if the situation deteriorates in such a way that you had a humanitarian crisis.”

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Pentagon Shoots Down No-Fly Zone Talk

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates played down the possibility of American military intervention in Libya yesterday, saying now was not the time for the United States to be entering into another war in the Middle East and that there was no agreement within NATO about the use of force in the north African country.

Both Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen distanced themselves from comments made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday and Tuesday that imposing a no-fly zone over Libya was under “active consideration.”

Gates told reporters that the United States needs to think “frankly” about “the use of the US military in another country in the Middle East.”

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US Pulling Out Of “Vital” Afghan Valley

In a major strategic reversal, the US military has begun withdrawing most of its forces from eastern Afghanistan’s Pech Valley – territory once described as “vital” to the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The withdrawal began two weeks ago. Afghan units will remain in the valley, a test of their military readiness.

While American officials say the withdrawal matches the latest counter-insurgency doctrine’s emphasis on protecting Afghan civilians, Afghan officials worry that the shift of troops amounts to an abandonment of territory in an area that Afghans are not ready to defend on their own.

The reorganization follows the complete Afghan and American withdrawals from isolated outposts in nearby Nuristan Province and the Korangal Valley and is likely to be used by the Taliban to claim success.

It also raises more questions about the alternating strategies that are guiding the war.

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Impressive Children, Impressive Protector

A US soldier protecting Afghan children attending school.
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