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Proof: Why Gaddafi Is Blaming Al-Qaeda


Chinese Micro-Bloggers Rescue Toddler

The six-year-old climbed out of the car and the crowd in the town of Qianjiang swept forward to see him. His grandfather picked him up, hugged him tight and wept.

Peng Wenle’s story has gripped many in China, the tale of a boy kidnapped three years ago, and returned to his family last week, thanks to Twitter-like micro-blogs.

Security cameras filmed the kidnap, a man carrying the boy away in the night. Despite the video evidence the police could not find Wenle.

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Tweeting In Iran


FaceBook, Google <3 Twitter

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that FaceBook and Google are among the suitors engaged in discussions to purchase Twitter. The messaging service is said to have a valuation in the $8 – $10 billion range, despite estimated earnings last year of just $45 million. Twitter executives, according to the report, believe the company can grow to $100 billion.

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Tunisia, Egypt: Reporter Relies On Twitter

Knight Digital Media Center

Events in Egypt have been unfolding too fast for traditional narrative-style reporting to keep up. This is where skilled use of social media as a curation tool can help journalists keep up with events—and keep interested audiences in the loop round the clock.

In an interview with Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin explained how he’s been using Twitter to curate many streams of information about the protests in Tunisia and Egypt.

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How Google Geeks Outwitted Mubarak

The Observer

When they first came to office, the Obama team had a mantra: “Never waste a good crisis.”

They then spent the next two years doing exactly the opposite. In the past few months we’ve seen a couple of decent crises – the first involving WikiLeaks, the second involving the political upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt. Both involve the internet in one way or another. So, in the spirit of Obama Mk I, let us ponder what might be learned from them.

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