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Libya Briefly Disconnects From Internet

There have been multiple credible reports of a complete closure of all Internet traffic into and out of Libya for a portion of an hour twice late last night.

Al Jazeera said Friday that its broadcasting signal was being jammed on several over-the-air TV frequencies. Ammon News reported that sources identified the Al Jazeera jamming and outages as having been been pinpointed at Libya.

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US Firm Helped Egypt Spy On Protestors

Huffington Post

The open Internet’s role in popular uprising is now undisputed. Look no further than Egypt, where the Mubarak regime today reportedly shut down Internet and cell phone communications – a troubling predictor of the fierce crackdown that has followed.

What’s even more troubling is news that one American company is aiding Egypt’s harsh response through sales of technology that makes this repression possible.

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China Mulls Impact Of Mideast Uprisings

The main Chinese newspapers all carried front-page stories about the protests, including photographs, but largely without any analysis or editorial comment. Much of the recent coverage has focused on the looting and the breakdown of order in Egyptian cities, without much explanation of the root causes of the unrest.

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Cuban Media: Egypt? Never Heard Of It

The link below is to one of Cuba’s few news outlets with an English-language website covering national and international news.

Think there’s anything in their breaking news section about Egypt? Uh…apparently not.

On the bright side, there’s a ’54 Cadillac in the classified section.

CUBASI – Cuba News

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