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Penny’s Made Millions Tricking Google

Someone types the word “dresses” into Google and hits enter. What will be the very first result?

There are a lot of possibilities. Macy’s comes to mind. Maybe J. Crew or the Gap. Perhaps a Wikipedia entry on the history of hemlines.

How about the word “bedding”? Bed Bath & Beyond seems a candidate. Or Wal-Mart, or perhaps the bedding section of

“Area rugs”? Crate & Barrel is a possibility. Home Depot, too, and Sears, Pier 1 or any of those Web sites with “area rug” in the name, like

But in the last several months, one name turned up, with uncanny regularity, in the No. 1 spot for each and every term:  J. C. Penney.

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If You Google “Free WP Themes” You Die

Eeewwwwww! Worms and viruses and Base64…oh my! It seems you just can’t trust anybody (especially Google) these days.

There’s an outrageously good – and freaky-scary – write-up on why you should “never search for free WordPress themes in Google” over on the website.

Complete article via WPMU


How SEO Makes You Stoopid

The Huffington Post has hired veteran journalists to beef up its news coverage. But a significant chunk of its readers come instead for articles like one published this week: “Chelsy Davy & Prince Harry: So Happy Together?”

The two-sentence article was just a vehicle for a slide show of photographs of the couple and included no actual news. But “Chelsy Davy” was one of the top searches on Google that day, and soon after the article was published it became one of the first links that popped up in Google’s search results.

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FaceBook, Google <3 Twitter

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that FaceBook and Google are among the suitors engaged in discussions to purchase Twitter. The messaging service is said to have a valuation in the $8 – $10 billion range, despite estimated earnings last year of just $45 million. Twitter executives, according to the report, believe the company can grow to $100 billion.

Complete article via Wall Street Journal


Google’s Translation App For iPhone

Google launched its Google Translate app today for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, giving users the ability to translate voice input for 15 languages. For a better look at unfamiliar words, users can view text translations in full screen mode.

No details on the app’s compatibility with the new Confession app approved by the Roman Catholic Church yesterday. Considering that Google keeps a record of everything you ever say or do, it may be wise to make your confessions in your native tongue.


How Google Geeks Outwitted Mubarak

The Observer

When they first came to office, the Obama team had a mantra: “Never waste a good crisis.”

They then spent the next two years doing exactly the opposite. In the past few months we’ve seen a couple of decent crises – the first involving WikiLeaks, the second involving the political upheavals in Tunisia and Egypt. Both involve the internet in one way or another. So, in the spirit of Obama Mk I, let us ponder what might be learned from them.

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Gmail Ads To Be Based On What You Say

Yet another example of the evil that Google is becoming.

Google has just announced that all email you send to others via their Gmail service will be delivered to your recipient with a display advertisement based on what you’ve written in your email.

Better watch your wording in your emails to grandma or your own children.

Not covered in the article linked below is the potential, should Google deem it profitable, to place ads in your email based on what you’ve written in previous emails to other people.

By the way, you do know that when you delete your old (or embarrassing) emails from your Gmail account, Google still keeps a copy, don’t you? Don’t you?

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