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FaceBook, Google <3 Twitter

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that FaceBook and Google are among the suitors engaged in discussions to purchase Twitter. The messaging service is said to have a valuation in the $8 – $10 billion range, despite estimated earnings last year of just $45 million. Twitter executives, according to the report, believe the company can grow to $100 billion.

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Syria Lifts FaceBook, YouTube Ban

Syria is lifting its ban on FaceBook and other social networking websites.

The announcement came following a “Day of Anger” protest in Damascus failed to attract protesters, and is seen as a concession by authorities to avoid the unrest now gripping Egypt and Tunisia.

While officially banned, FaceBook, YouTube and other social networking sites are accessed by Syrians using international proxy servers to bypass firewalls.

“We are all using it anyway – so I don’t see what difference it makes,” said one Syrian Facebook user.


Facebook’s Role in Egypt’s Protests

Washington Post

In Egypt, the tried-and-true tool for opponents of President Hosni Mubarak in recent years has been Facebook. Most recently, it was on Facebook – which boasts 5 million users in Egypt, the most in the Arab world – where youthful outrage over the killing of a prominent activist spread, leading to the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and Mubarak’s promise to step down this year.

But Facebook, which celebrates its seventh birthday Friday and has more than a half-billion users worldwide, is not eagerly embracing its role as the insurrectionists’ instrument of choice. Its strategy contrasts with rivals Google and Twitter, which actively helped opposition leaders communicate after the Egyptian government shut down Internet access.

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Translation: “Thank You FaceBook”


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