Puppy Survives Two Euthanasia Tries

A puppy that survived two attempts to euthanize it now has hundreds of people hoping to adopt him.

The puppy was one of five stray dogs that a Sulphur, Oklahoma animal control officer euthanized last week – or so he thought. The officer found the puppy alive the following day inside a trash bin set aside for dead animals.

“He was prancing around. He heard me drive up, and he looked up and saw me,” the officer, Scott Prall, said yesterday.

Prall said he initially found the puppy near the animal shelter Friday and tried to kill it by injecting the dog with two lethal doses of a sedative in a foreleg and the heart. Each dose should have been enough to kill the dog, and the second injection was meant to ensure it worked.

Pall brought the cute black and white puppy to local veterinarian technician Amanda Kloski.

Kloski noted the dog’s survival on a pet adoption website. A resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Marcia Machtiger, who immediately sent $100 to cover boarding for a week.

A girl from Sulphur named the puppy Wall-e, after the Disney character, and Machtiger posted Wall-e’s story on her Facebook page.

Hundreds of e-mails and phone calls came in from people wanting to adopt the lucky Wall-E.

Machtiger said people are interested in the puppy because his story is unique.

“Having been euthanized basically twice….it’s a resurrection and a will to live and a medical anomaly,” she said.

Complete article via Associated Press


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