Fighting Intensifies, 180+ Dead In Libya

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Violence escalated today as opposition groups battled Gaddafi loyalists and Libyan police and military for the sixth day.

UPDATE 23:56 GMT: The UK’s Independent is reporting that as many as 200 people were killed in today’s fighting in Libya.

UPDATE 19:16 GMT: Associated Press adds details to the 18:32 Al Jazeera update: Snipers fired on thousands of people gathered in Benghazi…a hospital official said one man was hit in the head with an anti-aircraft missile. The weapons apparently were used to intimidate the population.

UPDATE 18:32 GMT: Al Jazeera is reporting witnesses telling it that Libyan forces have opened fire at a funeral for protesters killed in Benghazi, killing 15

UPDATE 17:55 GMT: Cannot be confirmed, but…via Twitter, @LibyanYouthMovement: now confirmed GADDAFIs Nephew now DEAD in birka barracks, will be on the news shortly

UPDATE 17:40 GMT: An underground Libyan Internet Radio Station is claiming 55 people have just been killed in Benghazi in a mortar attack. The station also stated that Benghazi’s Al Jala Hospital currently has 200 dead in its morgue.

UPDATE 16:34 GMT: Website (some English translations are being posted) has posted an audio recording from a Tripoli resident saying prisoners have escaped from prison after a riot.


Anti-Gaddafi Protesters in Benghazi today

Al Jazeera reported protests in at least ten Libyan cities, including the capital, Tripoli. Fighting was reportedly especially intense in the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city, where an estimated 20,000 demonstrators are in the street and a police station was set on fire.

The security headquarters in Darnah was also burned down.

A doctor quoted by the Associated Press said that security forces in Benghazi opened fire on protesters as they approached a residential compound sometimes used by Gaddafi, killing at least 35. Many victims had bullet wounds to the chest and head, according to the doctor.

Live ammo fired at protesters in Al-Bayda – Immense bravery
Vodpod videos no longer available.

A police station burns in Zintan, Libya
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Protesters in Mesrata, Libya

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video of a non-violent protest early today outside a Benghazi mosque:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Libyan protester shot in the head (CAUTION: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Earlier reports, pictures and videos can be found here and here.


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