Report: First Death In Yemen Protests

At least one man has died during a sixth day of anti-government protests in Yemen according to reports cited by the BBC.

The victim was reportedly hit when police fired shots into the air to try and break up around 500 protesters in the southern port of Aden.

In the capital Sanaa several people were injured during clashes between pro- and anti-government supporters.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been in power for almost 32 years in Yemen, the poorest Arab nation.

The president has already said he will not seek another term in office or hand over power to his son.

Inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, opponents continue to stage demonstrations.

In Sanaa, hundreds of students heading for a protest near the presidential palace were attacked by several hundred supporters of the president, armed with batons, stones and daggers.

At least 500 people who rallied overnight in the agro-industrial city of Taiz, south of Sanaa, vowed to camp out again on Wednesday night.

Complete report via BBC


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