It Spreads Over The Internet


One Comment to “It Spreads Over The Internet”

  1. I have seen it for myself. A face book page called Syrians revolution. Supposedly gathered 15000 members in a very short time calling for demonstration in Syria. The date was set for the 4th and 5th of Feb. 2011.
    I had a look and tried to see who these 15,000 members are, only to find that the names are mostly Jewish names, and the Arabic names are for pages that have only just recently been created just to join the Syrian revolution page.
    In other words the creator of the page and the members are not Syrians.
    I did find Syrians but those were voicing their anger at the creator of the page.
    Whatever anyone says, this is a clear indication and proof that face book is being used to incite trouble in the Middle East. They succeeded in Tunisia and Egypt, like they have in the past in Georgia and Ukraine. The same symbol of clinched fest is used in all these revelations. There is a clip on U tube for the BBC where it is giving evidence that this is the work of the CIA.
    Let me just say one thing. Democracy is good but only when the people are ready for the transition. Democracy does not work everywhere.
    It is odd to hear support for the people’s right to free speech to express themselves peacefully while at the same time a US president can say to all nations. If you are not with us you are against us.
    Strange to see a country going to war in Iraq while there were people demonstrating against the war like what happened in the UK and USA. Despite all the demonstration of the British and the American people both countries went to war in Iraq over claims they knew were false and utter lies.
    I do not call that democracy. Thousands of American and British soldiers were returned back home in plastic bags. A war that was not needed at all, if only they had told the people the real truth behind the war, if only they told them they are going to steal oil from Iraq. But they knew the American and British people would not agree to go to war. I do not call that democracy. Not when the government led people to believe they have a saying while they really don’t.
    Face book is used by the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad to collect information about people and to spread poison into the minds of people.
    A great social network turned into a tool of the cold war.
    Why not…?. I suppose the creator of face book is a Jewish young man who feels duty towards Israel.

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