China Mulls Impact Of Mideast Uprisings

The main Chinese newspapers all carried front-page stories about the protests, including photographs, but largely without any analysis or editorial comment. Much of the recent coverage has focused on the looting and the breakdown of order in Egyptian cities, without much explanation of the root causes of the unrest.

In the only official commentary on the uprising, the Chinese foreign minister spokesman, Hong Lei, said on Sunday, “Egypt is a friend of China and we hope Egypt will return to social stability and normal order as soon as possible.”

One editor of an online news site said the Party’s Propaganda Department, China’s main censorship organ, asked his outlet only to use news from Egypt provided by Xinhua, the official government news agency.

The one paper that has been offering commentary is the Global Times, the tabloid daily owned by the Communist Party’s main propaganda mouthpiece, People’s Daily. In one editorial Sunday, headlined “Color revolutions will not bring about real democracy,” the Global Times said the revolts sweeping the Middle East “are more controversial than those that happened in East Europe after the Cold War.”

Chinese search engines on some of the most popular micro-blogging sites turned up no results for the words “Egypt,” “Cairo,” “Tunisia,” and “Jasmine Revolution.”

Complete article via Washington Post


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